At Smart International Investing, we are committed to educating you about the countries we represent. If you are looking for an ideal second home or retirement home, you’re sure to find your piece of paradise in one of our exotic locations. If you’re looking for an attractive ROI or cash flowing property, consider some of these appealing locations as a vacation rental, which will allow you to enjoy the property for yourself while you earn a return on your investment. 

We work closely with the developers and owners of each project, conduct extensive research and constantly update the information so that you are informed about the current status of the project and surrounding area. We update our site regularly and blog about current events, news, fun facts and stories (both from local residents and visitors). Visit our blog for the latest updates!




Linda Pasas has been in the real estate industry for over 27 years.

She has an insider’s knowledge of the international real estate process, having personally bought properties in the US and overseas, plus she has successfully closed over 1,750 transactions.

Linda’s passion for selling international real estate is a result of her personal love of travel.  She has visited over 37 countries and enjoys the experience of delving into various cultures, connecting with the local citizens and exploring the opportunities that each country offers.

Her passion is backed up by experience in the complexities of buying and selling real estate in the foreign marketplace. By aligning herself with local experts, she is able to validate the information she receives from them first, which gives her confidence in the investments she represents.  Her tenacity, drive and personal integrity have helped her become a leader in selling international real estate in Belize, Mexico, France and other countries.

Linda will work as your consultant as she guides you through the nuances of purchasing international real estate, giving you support and knowledge to become a more experienced and confident investor.  She will help you locate the best opportunities under the sun for global investments, whether it be for use as a vacation rental investment, retirement property, or simply a second home to enjoy.



Overlooking-Costa-Rica-smMelissa Day has been involved in the real estate industry since 1989 and became a licensed Realtor in 2002.

She pursued 2 years of intense, hands-on real estate investing education at Renatus in 2007, which allowed her to expand her focus to include helping her clients build their wealth through real estate investing.

Melissa has worked with several rehab teams and helped them to locate great deals that turned into an attractive profit after fixing and flipping the properties. The real estate market is constantly shifting and Melissa goes where the best opportunities are found for her investors. She now works closely with several US developers based in Southern California and enjoys connecting investors to these high quality, award-winning projects so that they have a chance to own a piece of a new development that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to purchase on their own. The opportunities don’t only exist in the United States, though!

Travel and learning about other cultures and ways of life has always been a passion of Melissa’s. In her travels, she discovered that there were many real estate endeavors that would bring good returns. This prompted Melissa to align with developers and agents who provide excellent investing opportunities overseas. She really got excited when she learned that some investments could be purchased for as little as $15,000 or that fractional ownership offered great, stable returns with an easy entrance into the various international markets. The International alliances Melissa represents perform extensive due diligence on every project, plus the Smart International Investing team validate the facts that are provided by these sources. Melissa has received the prestigious Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) designation with the National Association of Realtors, which allows her to bring a higher level of expertise to the International markets she represents.



Our Asian Country Expert

Wilasinee (or Wi) Valencia was born in Thailand to Chinese parents.

Photo-Wi-smShe earned her Master of Business Administration degree with a focus in Marketing from National University in California.  She has been a California licensed Real Estate Agent since 2005 and since then, she has gained many years of experience with leading companies, including Prudential Dunn Realty, Keller Williams, Nextage Pacific Realty, and currently with Pasas Properties.   In addition to the local San Diego housing market, Wi specializes in international real estate marketing, working with both foreign investors in the U.S. market as well as domestic investors interested in emerging market opportunities.  She also has over a decade of experience in the Real Estate and Marketing industry with leading firms in Thailand.

Wi believes information, knowledge, and understanding are the keys to successful investment.   Providing investors extensive research and in-depth market analysis is her main service.  She will assist you and guide you through the process of international real estate investment with professionalism, ethics, and integrity so that you will be confident to invest and watch your money grow.  Asia is one of the most exciting emerging markets.  Don’t hesitate… Wi will be happy to provide you valuable market information and tips to invest in the Asian market.


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