Belize Investments
There are gorgeous oceanfront properties on Belize's pristine beaches

Belize is an English speaking country and the Belize dollar is fixed 2 to 1 with the U.S. Dollar. With this investment, you have fee simple ownership even if you are not a citizen. What’s even better is that there are no capital gains tax, no income tax and no restriction on foreigners owning Belize real estate!

The climate ranges from sub-tropical to tropical all year long, similar to that of South Florida. Ambergris Caye is the number one tourist destination in Belize and tourism is the primary industry in Belize. It’s also touted as the number one retirement destination, so you can start planning your dream retirement now with the great opportunities Belize has to offer!

Imagine the warm waters where you can snorkel or scuba dive and imagine swimming with whale sharks and manatees! The deep sea fishing is second to none. Some other adventures include visiting the Mayan Ruins, Cave Tubing and Zip Lining. Belize is a tropical paradise that offers so much to tourists and owning in Belize affords investors the opportunity to enjoy the gems of Belize while earning an attractive return on their investment.

The beautiful oceanfront, luxury condos are your ticket to paradise. You have a chance to own in Belize on the ocean, which is not available any longer. Please view the summary about this gorgeous development below and contact us for more information. We can arrange a meeting with the developer or, better yet, we can arrange for you to visit Belize and have accommodations waiting for you. Ask us about investor tours!

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