Neat facts about Joao Pessoa, Brazil

Today’s blog will focus on Joao Pessoa, in northeast Brazil. This may be an area that you haven’t heard much about, so I did some research on it’s unique features (thanks Wikipedia!). I also like to look at Trip Advisor to learn about places—here is a list of the top attractions (as you can probably guess, quite a few beaches made the list).

Neat facts about the city:

João Pessoa is sometimes called the city where the sun rises first, as it is the easternmost city in the Americas.

In 1992, in gained the distinction of being the ‘2nd greenest city in the world’ (Paris is the first).

The city features tropical beaches, modern architecture, and historic buildings from colonial periods.

João Pessoa is a hotbed of culture and arts, featuring a cultural center designed by the famous Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer.

To learn even more about this region of Brazil, click here.

Investment opportunities in Joao Pessoa:

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