Living on Cayman Islands Time

What is life like on Cayman Brac? The is what the  island’s official website has to say about it:

“Looking for a relaxing escape, away from the hustle, bustle and stress of everyday life? This is the place. Take a deep breath… then exhale. At Cayman Brac, time moves a little bit slower. The warm sun, gentle lapping water and tranquil tropical breezes wash your cares away. Although there are many activities to choose from while on the island, relaxation is a hallmark of the Cayman Brac experience. Here you’ll discover the true meaning of the “unspoiled Caribbean” – exceptionally beautiful, pristine waters, a laid back vibe and warm, friendly locals.

A great way to take everything in while doing absolutely nothing is to swing in a hammock and let the cool Cayman Brac breezes caress your skin.”

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