New development in Oceanside, CA.

This week Smart International Investing is featuring a property closer to home.  The Oceanside EcoVillage is a condominium/retail project approximately 2 blocks from the beach in Oceanside, CA.  The project will be designed around green living and will feature solar, living walls and near net-zero energy.  Oceanside is a great town filled with surf culture, slow food and craft beer.  Read more about it here.

Why is the Oceanside EcoVillage a great investment?

  • The developer is using city approved plans. Almost all of the entitlement risk is gone since the city has already approved the plans. This is usually the biggest risk on any development.
  • The neighborhood is strong. We’re two blocks from the beach and the only unimproved lot on the street. There are gorgeous row homes that start two buildings away and Succulent Cafe is next door.  Oceanside is on the upswing.
  • The target market (young professionals) have few, if any, options in north county to find new green condos within walking distance to the beach under $700k. There is demand for it and zero supply. The condominiums are priced in the range they can afford and are building something they want.
  • The parking lot across the street is set to be developed into a gorgeous Santa Barbera style plaza with outdoor restaurants, shops, etc. This is only going to help the sales values and the desirability of the project.

To learn more about the Oceanside EcoVillage, please click here.

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