Why now is the time to invest in Brazil

We received information recently from our contact with the 5 Star Country Club Resort project in Brazil.  It includes relevant information on what’s happening in the region, so we wanted to share it with our readers.  It really makes the case that now is the perfect time to invest in this region.

“Having been to the 5 Star Country Club Resort on several occasion and having invested in it myself, I have witnessed the growth and development of not only this community, but more importantly, the area surrounding it. With large shopping complexes being built to the fabulous International Convention Centre, new businesses are now locating to the area in large numbers. The local government also very involved, with new roads being built on a large scale.

What this means for investors is the opportunity to get involved with this growth, but at a fraction of the price. Although the 5 Star Country Club Resort is in the final stages of construction, it is still deemed as “off plan” and prices reflect this status. If you look around the area surrounding Joao Pessoa, prices are already increasing as it’s popularity increases. I cannot stress enough that when when this resort is completed, prices will inevitably increase.

Having been a Financial Advisor, I know that many people choose to invest when the market has already risen and then wonder why their investment goes down. This is also true in the real estate market. Prices are still low at the 5 Star Country Club Resort for the reasons I explained above, and do not reflect the prices in the region. Therefore this is a great opportunity for investors to purchase now.”

Richard Chambers

Invest in Brazil, Ltd.

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