Why the Cayman Islands?

This week we are focusing on the Cayman Islands.  Smart International Investing has property available on Cayman Brac.

Why invest in the Cayman Islands?

No restrictions on foreign ownership and no annual property taxes

Boasting an enviable blend of international glamour in a tropical setting and a strong economy, the Cayman Islands offer the perfect opportunity in which to live, retire and prosper. Until recently a lot of the land in the Caymans was kept in the family for future generations to enjoy. But now multinational corporations, private investors and property developers, hoteliers, international financiers and expatriates looking for a second home are buying into this desirable market.

British Overseas Territory

The Cayman Islands Government, which operates under British Common Law, is enthusiastic about attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) and, to this end, has an open-market policy that does not restrict foreign ownership. Apart from a one-time stamp duty, there are no annual property taxes either. Title is granted and guaranteed by the government.

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Columbus’s little piece of paradise

The second largest of the three islands, Cayman Brac – or ‘the Brac’ – has the most varied and dramatic terrain. It has a population of approximately 2,000 people. It has a striking limestone cliff or bluff running through its center, rising to 140 feet above sea level. It was the prominence of this bluff that allowed Cayman Brac to be the first of the Cayman Islands sighted by Christopher Columbus in 1503.

Eco-tourist’s dream

Renowned for its stunning nature reserves, local flora and fauna, diverse bird life (the island is a haven for many species of birds) and spectacular terrain, Cayman Brac is dubbed ‘an eco-tourist’s dream’ and is ideal for those seeking something a little different. This peaceful gem of a hideaway attracts divers and snorkelers, rock climbers, sports fishermen, bird watchers and those just looking to unwind and get away from it all. 

Property ‘gold rush’

The island has a well-established infrastructure that incorporates many facilities not so readily available on other small islands – including reliable power and water plants, a well-equipped hospital, dental clinic and eye clinic, an international airport, a public library and a spa set right on the beach. Add to that the Cayman Islands Government’s $80 million drive to promote its infrastructure – in addition to similar incentives to enhance business and tourism – and you can see why the island is attracting an increasing number of tourists as well as investors seeking an excellent return on real-estate investment.

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